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My Short Biography

I am not a writer by trade.  I'm actually a sales guy, and have been for a lot of years.  But it turns out that crafting words is essential to being successful in sales, as long as you also throw in some passion, a lot of integrity and real experience.  It also turns out that telling a story verbally is incredibly different from telling a story in written formand that has been an interesting journey.  Here are a few highlights.

1972 - MY FIRST TYPING. I tried my hand at typing when I was six years old.  We had recently moved from Alabama to Tennessee, and I sat at my Dad's ancient (and manual) typewriter to tap out a letter to my friends back in Dixie.  The letter went exactly like this:  "ADear BEN and Lamar, How are you?  I am fine.  I forgot all about you until my mother told me.  I was about to write you, but I had to go to bed.  YOUR BEST FRIEND, KEITH KIRKLAND."   (That's some best friend, huh?)

1975 - THIRD GRADE STORY WRITING.  I was tasked to write a story about a pet, so my first creative step was to title the paper, "My Story About My Pet".  The rest goes like this:  "I like my pet, he is very nice.  The first time I saw him he jumped on me.  He liked my house.  Whene my mother came into the garege he licked my mother's foot.  And thene after a while, a dog came and scard him.  And after that, he ran away for two weeks.  Whene We came back from Curch, he came running to us.  And one day, my mother came to get me, and my big sister called Charley, come on! and after a while he ran away again and he's still not back.  I think he got ran over."

I'm pretty sure that was my first attempt at saving an understated, yet impactful line for the very end of a story.

1987 - COLLEGE WRITING.  The first time I recall being tortured by wanting my words to be just right, was when writing a paper about ambiguity in the famous short story, "Young Goodman Brown" by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  I spent hours and hours on that paper, and for whatever reason, it was so memorable to me, that I have kept it all of these years.  I'm going to find that paper one day soon and post some of its brilliance for you.

2013 -  SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS.  I travel all the time for my job.  The 'going there and getting back' of travel is mostly a drag, but there are endless opportunities to observe all types of people in all kinds of environments.  If you pay attention, much of it is quirky and funny.  Over the years, I've gotten better at recounting my observations.  I have posted many of these on Facebook, but have now created a blog to chronicle some of my favorite previous posts, and new experiences.  You can reach my blog, The Leeward Edge, by clicking here.

OK, SO THIS BIOGRAPHY ISN'T THAT SHORT - I'll have other opportunities to post some writings and observations that I've accumulated over the years, so I won't post any more here.  Mainly, I'm just trying to say that learning how to write well is a journey.  It is a hard journey, but it's fun.  I'm still early in the journey, though, and learning more every day about how to be a better writer.  But I've already been presumptuous and ambitious by choosing "Keith Kirkland Books" as the name of this website.  I've only published one book, and it is a self-published short story at that.  But "Keith Kirkland Book" just seemed weird, so be on the lookout for the fun stuff that will justify the plural one day.

Keith has been married to Sarah for over 20 years, and they are the proud parents of two wonderful teenage daughters.  They live in Atlanta, Georgia.